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Testimonials: Retreat Client's

The accommodation and grounds at FiveOaks Retreat far exceeded my expectations. I was enveloped in tranquility and was pampered from the moment I arrived. Every need was catered for, Ally had thought of everything. The goody bag was a lovely touch.

The food was plentiful and delicious, I had sneaked a couple of protein bars in my suitcase just in case but didn't need to touch them.

So many experiences, treatments, advice that there wasn't a dull moment.

I met the most amazing fellow guests who contributed to making this a most wonderful, reviving weekend. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I could wax lyrical and go on and on. I wanted a bit of me time and gained so much more. I cannot wait to return!

Debbie from Forest of Dean

Wow! Where do I start? The retreat was in the most tranquil place I have ever been in Wales. The barn and the land is simply nothing short of stunning and everything you would want for an escape. I was greeted by the most amazing women who made me feel instantly warm and welcome. The whole experience is unexplainable because you have to experience it to see how it can heal and transform you. I arrived feeling very anxious, feeling it might not be right for me... How wrong I was. By the next morning I had already formed an incredible bond and felt myself coming out of my shell and my transformation was visible to everyone by the time I left.

I will never forget this experience it holds a place in my heart from the company, to the healing, to the treatments, the incredible food, the conversations, the accommodation and views. Words are not enough

I needed guidance in my life, I felt I'd lost myself. I left the retreat, and I felt awake, and I knew myself more than ever before.

Retreats are now something I will always make time for.

The friends I made will always be cherished.

Katie from Portsmouth

These retreats are great if you haven't got a whole lot of time, but you're in need of a recharge and refresh.

It was actually a lot more than I expected it to be. We did yoga, mediation, energy healing, reiki, jacuzzi, but it was magical because of the group of people that I met on the retreat. Everyone coming together for the same purpose of healing, talking and connecting. That was transformational.

The retreat is owned by Ally, who is a qualified kinesiologist and the beautiful sole. She very kind and welcoming. She looked after us so well. The grounds were stunning. Definitely my happy place. Each and everyone of us committed to the process, and made monumental changes in such a short time.

Natalie from London

Testimonials: Kinesiology Client's

Allyson was recommended to me by a friend, feeling 'below par' a tired insomniac, with physical and emotional issues, some which hadn't realised. I learned a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and chemicals in the food I was consuming. Hip pain disappeared. I've gained courage and confidence, which I never knew I had. Allyson made me feel most welcome and at ease immediately. I count Ally as one of my blessings in life. Well worth a visit.

Helen from Bridgend

I have been to Ally for kinesiology for a number of months and I'm so very glad that I have. I have been on quite a journey with my health, three years ago I was so ill with Crohn's disease that I had to give up my corporate career. I had always trusted traditional medical practices without question, but was on biologic medications and felt dreadful all the time. I decided that enough was enough and I was going to take more responsibility for my own health. This has led me to look into more alternative therapies and understand the benefit of looking at things more holistically.

Debbie from Forest of Dean

Ally has become a very valued part of my journey. I'm learning so much about myself, unblocking issues from the past, become interested in energy work and feeling great benefits from her advice and wisdom. During sessions I've laughed, I've cried, but I always come away feeling better than when I've arrived, with a knowing that each time the onion skin layers are being removed and dealt with. I'm learning to listen to my body more and I'm always fascinated by each of the modalities that Ally employs. No two sessions are the same, she asks my body what it needs and does whatever is needed.

My golfers elbow has been greatly relieved and we are working on other issues. I think anyone and everyone would honestly benefit from time spent with Ally. She is incredible, her level of knowledge and training shines through.

Sarah from Cotswolds

I cannot thank Allyson enough for helping me find a new life balance since mine was turned upside down. Allyson allows me to be honest with myself and guides me into making better lifestyle choices. During my sessions with Allyson I feel assured, refreshed and energised. I have and still do find her sessions extremely helpful and calming and look forward to the next one.

Sarah from Caerphilly

Through Health Kinesiology, Allyson is a force for healing, both psychological and physical. I feel better in myself, more energised, more positive and more able to face the world. It has helped me to begin to heal, what I thought could not be healed. I will forever be grateful that I found it. It will now always be part of my life

Victoria from Cardiff